Outdoor activities

An active body is a healthy body

To claim that an active body is a healthy body is one of the most obvious truisms. Actually, from our very earliest years we are inundated with information to prove that there is no better investment in health and resilience than a proper amount of moderate activity. We should also not give up too easily in adulthood, passing bad habits on to our children. We laze around on couches, in front of a computer or TV and then we are surprised that our children do exactly the same. They lose incomparably more than older generations, because older generations spent more time outside – there were simply fewer distracting technologies available when they were younger.

A stronger organism

Outdoor activity means that the body is much better oxygenated, develops properly, and regenerates faster. Thanks to regular physical activity, the blood vessels, muscles, and immune system are all strengthened, the body becomes more resilient and accustomed to changing weather conditions. Our everyday experience shows that if a child works up a good sweat while playing, then a light sweat in the winter while travelling in a tram or while at school will not be an issue.

Set an example

It is important to remember that children learn by imitation, which is why instilling good habits, without setting an example yourself, is so often unsuccessful. This is why you should, as a whole family, allow yourselves some small rituals together. Of course, it’s not about you immediately taking part in cross-country races over different distances. For starters, ordinary regular walks are good enough, irrespective of the time of year or the weather, according to the principle that there is no such thing as bad weather, only inappropriate clothing.

Outside attractions

If a walk is not enough for you and you would like to try more, go to the pool together, and in winter go ice skating. Recall your own childhood, pick up chestnuts, acorns, ride on a sledge or make a snowman. You do not have to take an expensive trip to the Alps to have a great winter.

Team games

For more those who are more advanced and willing, you can choose to enjoy a regular sport together with your children – this could football, running or some other team game. The most important thing is for children to feel how much fun it is to engage in physical activity and how much joy and relaxation it brings. It strengthens immunity, produces endorphins, and positively affects the quality of sleep.

Close relationship

And last but not least, regardless of what form of activity is closest to you, whether it be regular workouts, a football club, or simply chasing a ball on a playing field next to your home or simply walking, you will be doing something together, and exercising together. This creates a deep bond and relationship between children and parents and this bond and tranquillity cannot be overestimated because immunity is something more than just a l