A guaranteed amount of polyphenols and anthocyanins in each dose.

Since time immemorial, plants and plant extracts have been used in natural medicine. Currently, we know that polyphenols, among others, display the strongest biological activity.

Polyphenols are compounds belonging to secondary metabolites of plants, so-called natural non-nutrients. Anthocyanins are one of the sub-groups of polyphenolic organic compounds and belong to flavonoids. These dyes are present in flowers, fruits, leaves, stems, and in smaller quantities in roots and wood. They do not play a nutritional role but play an important role in regulating metabolic processes occurring in the human body.

Polyphenols (including anthocyanins) exhibit multiple health benefits due to their antioxidant effect.

Sambucus Kids Syrup contains a guaranteed amount of polyphenols (including anthocyanins) in each dose:

  • Black elderberry extract Sambucus nigra L. standardised for 13% of anthocyanins, DER 64:1
  • Black elderberry extract Sambucus nigra L. standardised for 10% polyphenols, DER 5:1