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Sambucus Kids Lollipops

Sambucus Kids, black elderberry throat support lollipops, are made with carefully selected herbal extracts (thyme and sage extracts) that support throat and larynx and bring relief to the vocal cords. The black elderberry, Vitamin C, and Zinc support the immune system.


How does Sambucus Kids support your child’s immunity?

Black elderberry syrup holds one of the top places in the ranking of natural products used to strengthen the immunity of children. So what does black elderberry (a natural product used for centuries) contain, which makes it suitable for making into a syrup to strengthen our immune systems?


A guaranteed amount of polyphenols and anthocyanins in each dose.

Since time immemorial, plants and plant extracts have been used in natural medicine. Currently, we know that polyphenols, among others, display the strongest biological activity.


Why Sambucus Kids contains only standardised extracts of elderberry?

More and more often, when we reach for a new product, we try to make a conscious decision, so we ask for its ingredients and compare them with other products available on the market. What should we pay attention to when selecting products containing natural ingredients? What should we ask pharmacists?


Naturally healthy ingredients

Sambucus Kids is a valuable source of beneficial ingredients that have a positive effect on supporting the immune system throughout the year.


How to use Sambucus Kids?

Sambucus Kids is recommended for children: – primarily in the autumn and winter – for children in a weakened state – at the start of spring


Natural support for Mothers

Every mom and dad knows perfectly what an infection is, which comes up suddenly. Necessity of quick change of plans, visit to doctor, dismissal. To help prevent similar situations, we donate not only a proven and effective immune-boosting product, but also tips and recipes that will help each mom and dad stay healthy.


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