Swimming for children – like a fish in the water

Start early

Not everyone feels like a fish in water, but everyone can enjoy the benefits of swimming. It is one of the lowest impact sports there is and can be started before we even learn to walk.

Start swimming with a baby

Your adventure with swimming can even begin with babies that are just a few months old. Due to the fact that for nine months they developed in an aquatic environment, they do not yet have a fear of water and therefore it is a very good time to start learning to swim or simply to accustom a baby to water. At 2 to 3 years of age, fear of water may appear, but the child is then usually much more communicative and therefore it is easier to teach them to swim.

Training and recreation

If older children show an interest in regular swimming sessions, they can take place without the presence of parents, under the guidance of qualified instructors. However, taking into account the strengthening of the immune system, it is important to simply enjoy recreational swimming and to instil in your child an interest in enjoying water. Usually it is not difficult because children naturally like water activities, so it is worth taking advantage of this tendency and encourage them to regularly visit the pool.

The benefits of swimming

It should be remembered that swimming is a low impact sport because it does not place excessive loads on the joints of the lower limbs like running. In addition, it improves overall performance and supports cardiovascular and respiratory development. Because of its thermal stimulation, swimming is ideal for toughening up the body and has a huge impact on strengthening immunity. Thanks to this, a cold or cough will certainly not be terrible, and if you catch a cold or flu it will usually have a milder course. The buoyancy of water means that exercise is relaxing and helps us to physically destress.

The swimming pool for bad weather

Finally, it is important to realize that swimming in a pool is the perfect weapon for bad weather and every parent can cunningly take advantage of this by using indoor pools and aqua parks. This is another form of exercise allowing time to be spent together and being taught to swim by a mum or dad is often a cherished memory that remains with us throughout our lives.