Our grandmothers were very familiar with black elderberry syrup

Black elderberry syrup

Modern preparations supporting the fight against disease do not come only from laboratories and the minds of chemists. Man has always observed nature and taken the best of nature to help maintain or improve health. Sambucus nigra, or black elderberry, is one of those plants that have been known in folk medicine for centuries. Hence, for many of our grandmothers, children’s cough syrup was simply black elderberry syrup.

How does it work?

The medicinal properties of elderberry fruit are derived from the fact that they contain polyphenols, including anthocyanins, which belong to the flavonoid group and are a natural plant dye. They have antioxidant capabilities, neutralize free radicals, and support the immune system. Today, we are aware of these mechanisms from laboratory research, but folk knowledge, which consisted of observation, placed elderberry fruit syrup very high in the hierarchy of effective remedies. Some grandmothers to this day claim that the best syrup for a dry cough for children is black elderberry syrup.

How was it prepared?

The harvesting of the elderberry flowers or fruit preferably took place on dry days. Entire armfuls were harvested, cutting them and not breaking them. It was important to choose ripe and shiny fruit or inflorescences that have not yet started to drop. They were then dried in a shady place and mixtures from these ingredients were created and used to treat colds in children.

How is it done today?

Times have changed a little and it’s not always possible to pick elderberry flowers or fruit, especially living in a city. This is why Sambucus Kids may be a great solution as a syrup to enhance the immune system of children. It contains a guaranteed amount of black elderberry extract and therefore retains all the properties outlined in the Sambucus leaflet. It is worth keeping in your medicine cabinet something that our grandmothers considered an essential home treatment. They certainly knew what was good for a child’s cold.